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Horror Movie Saw Gets Wax Collectible Treatment

saw wax nft

The horror movie series Saw is getting the NFT collectible treatment on the Wax blockchain. Details about the partnership are lacking at the moment. However, Wax said that the NFT collection will launch soon.

The Saw horror movie franchise has been around since 2004, and has spawned plenty of sequels over the years. Whether the brand partnership for Saw will bring other movies from Twisted Pictures to the Wax blockchain, remains to be seen.

However, for Wax this isn’t the first flirt with silver screen brands. Wax already offers NFT collections from William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy. Furthermore, they’ve collectibles from the Major League Baseball, Garbage Pail Kids, and even more high-profile is the announced partnership with Funko.

NFT moving beyond collectibles

This year NFTs have made headlines in many newspapers, reaching the mainstream audience as NFT artworks or digital collectibles. Mainstream media would speak about 69 million dollar JPEGs, but would not understand the full scope of the technology. NFT can be so much more. On Play to Earn we often talk about NFTs as game items, or perhaps as yield farming or passive income generating assets.

However, NFTs can also be products. Vuele will use NFTs to give users ownership over movies. We need to assume that certain movies will have a limited supply. At the same time other companies are using NFTs in all kinds of different ways. Game distribution platform Ultra will use the technology to give gamers ownership over downloadable games.

At the same time non-fungible tokens could also be a diploma or contract. In DeFi we see the technology being using as a financial position in a liquidity pool. We’re just scratching the surface. And NFT could provide you access to a festival, a venue or an electric car. The possibilities are endless.

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