Prelude to the Play to Earn Game Festival

play to earn game festival x echoes of empire

This is the prelude story to the Play to Earn Game Festival, a virtual event powered by Echoes of Empire, a space exploration adventure by Ion Games and Gala Games. Together we’ve created a new form of game convention: one in which the visitor becomes a player and participant. The combined efforts of the community will determine the outcome of the festival’s story. This is the prelude story to the game festival, in which we set the scene for things to come…

Allow your digital self to be drawn into outer space, where the infinite vastness is limited only by the depths of your imagination. There, silence speaks louder than thunder and every brave visitor floats not only on the brink of endless oblivion, but on the brink of madness itself. In a dark corner of this desolate cosmic sea sits a small mining planet called Lina Minor, around which orbits an even smaller station named IO – Segura7. As an installment of Intersystem Organization (IO), Segura7 is home to a permanent crew of 25 and provides trading resources, travel accommodations and occasional temporary hazardous waste storage.

As a new recruit to the Segura7 crew, your small shuttle arrives to a much darker and quieter reception than you expect. The live-in crew of the space station (which is running on emergency backup power) is nowhere to be found, and a distress call is blaring over speakers throughout the station’s empty halls. A lump forms in your throat and sweat beads your brow as you recall the vicious enemy that seems to have already arrived at Segura7. The Spore is a relentless interstellar fungus notorious for its ability to locate technology and lifeforms, consuming them all to grow and spread. If it has already begun to infect this station, that means the planet of Lina Minor is next. Your home.

You already know that loaded in the cargo port of the S1A – Zofia Corvette (the only docked ship on the station) is a crucial resource now desperately needed by the people of Lina Minor in their fight against the Spore. A thousand questions are running through your mind as you hurry to the distress monitor inside the Zofia Corvette and activate the screen, on which you promptly see a highly decorated commander with terror in his eyes and urgency in his voice. Your training tells you this could only be Herzog David Haas, IO Commander First Class. You timidly activate the commlink and await the Commander’s orders.

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