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Marvel Bringing MCU into NFT Market

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Marvel Entertainment has announced its first official move into the NFT space as they will release digital collectibles on the VeVe marketplace app later this year. The NFTs will range from digital collectibles to comic books, and the owners can display them in a virtual showroom.

In the announcement, Marvel mentioned ‘interactive digital collectibles’, but didn’t go into much detail. Perhaps Marvel will release character-based collectibles, or a unique NFT based on some of their top movies.

Collectors can buy all NFTs on the VeVe marketplace using GEM tokens, while users can acquire GEM tokens using their credit card. The platform already offers collectibles from DC Comics, Star Trek, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Ghostbusters and several other franchises.

VeVe is an app-based marketplace, available for Android and iOS. One of the fun elements of the marketplace, is that it offers augmented reality functionalities to showcase an NFT in a selfie. Later this year VeVe will launch their own universe, named VeVeVerse. Here collectors can showcase their NFT collection.

The marketplace VeVe might not ring a bell, but the company behind it probably does. Ecomi has its own OMI and has been building quite a lot in the past 12 months. They see themselves as the Netflix of NFTs, and want to bring in all kinds of brands. Even though their OMI token exists on Ethereum, their NFT ecosystem exists on a custom blockchain which hardly costs any energy. No mining, no transaction costs etc.

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