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Infinite Fleet Also Offers AFK Gameplay

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Even though Infinite Fleet relies strongly on real-time space action, Commanders can also send their ships on missions while they are AFK. These missions can reward players with items to boost the strength of their fleet. This has been one of the new features of Infinite Fleet.

Recently Exordium and Pixelmatic released the Fleet update, which now gives gamers the option to control an entire fleet of spaceships. As players increase their commander level, they can also increase their fleet. Having a bigger fleet, adds more gameplay options.

First of all, a larger fleet automatically means players have more firepower. This also adds more strategic options in battle, as players can flank their opponents. However, a bigger fleet also comes with more responsibility. Maintenance should be considered a priority, as only ships in good conditions are suitable for battle.

Latest game update for Infinite Fleet

Infinite Fleet is currently in its Alpha phase. Players travel the galaxy, fight the Atrox, and gather $INF, the game currency. The token exists on the Liquid network, a secondary layer for Bitcoin. The $INF tokens are not sold by the company, instead they are generated through in-game participation and special events. Players with Alpha access and an Exordium account can download the game today.

With this latest update, players who already owned a Centurion-class ship before June 9th, 2021 received a free Cruiser to join their fleet, the USF Polaris Guardian MK-2. The Guardian is a heavy assault Cruiser designed to charge into close combat. The ship is equipped with powerful plasma weaponry and double the armor of most Cruiser-class ships. Players can also purchase the Guardian at the Infinite Fleet store.

All Cruiser class ships will not be directly controllable, but will instead fly in formation around your command ship and accept movement orders in the Strategic Camera. Their firepower adds to your own during combat.

What is Infinite Fleet?

In Infinite Fleet the gamer plays a commander within the United Sol Federation Combined Fleet, because of this role players need to defeat an alien threat. Behind every choice are deeper choices, which allow for a narrative driven by the players. As a result the game allows players to build and customize their fleet, secure territories, and move into space. You can play the game alone, but according to the developers co-op gameplay is the best. We don’t know whether the robot spaceships of Infinite Fleet can also combine into a bigger robot.

Pixelmatic is making Infinite Fleet, as they announced in April. Developers from the studio have experience in the strategy genre. They’ve worked on titles like Age of Empires 4, Dawn of War and Homeworld. Samson Mow is heading the studio, as well as blockchain company Blockstream. Not entirely surprising, considering Blockstream is also the company behind the Liquid Network, which they used for the deployment of the INF currency. You can find more details on their website.

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