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VulcanVerse Goes into Beta Next Month

VulcanVerse screenshot environment

The fantasy MMO VulcanVerse will open its full map in beta for all gamers on July 25th. Vulcan Forged will launch the player-driven MMORPG in open beta, making it the first MMORPG with player-owned land and a blockchain-powered economy.

VulcanVerse will offer quest-lines, story, experience points and other familiar gameplay aspects. Ultimately everybody is able to jump in, do quests and accumulate in-game rewards. These rewards can be NFTs, which can be sold for PYR tokens on the open marketplace. On that same marketplace you can find valuable Vulcanites, which are NPC characters that can defend your land or infiltrate someone else’s.

In VulcanVerse players can own land, stored as an NFT. They can also use PYR, the in-game currency to boost their land. The more developed a land is, the more building features unlock. On their lands players can create quests and entire environments, ranging from castles to underground caves.

The world of VulcanVerse is split into four quadrants, each with their own theme. Creative options for builders are limited to the options provided by the theme of the quadrant they are in. So you can’t build a forest treehouse in the deserts of Land of Notus. At the center of this world is Vulcan City, a neutral area for all gamers and factions.

So, don’t forget. VulcanVerse beta on July 25th!

Taking a step back: Vulcan Forged

Even though VulcanVerse is a flagship title, the Vulcan Forged ecosystem is actually a lot bigger. They serve their NFTs on VeChain, while have their PYR token on Polygon. Players never have to deal with gas fees, as the developers will pay for that. PYR is currently available through Kucoin, Uniswap and 1inch. However, the team will introduce a fiat on-ramp, allowing gamers to buy PYR tokens using a credit card.

Within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, there’s a variety of projects. Coddle Pets, Geocats and Block Babies all tap into that NFT collectible hype. However, Forged Arena and Berserk are the most interesting. Players who own a Vulcanite NFT, can also use this card in the battle game Forge Arena or the trading card game Berserk. You can play Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed now for free on iOS and Android devices. So aside from the VulcanVerse beta, there are already more games to play!

What is VulcanVerse?

VulcanVerse is a fantasy virtual world where land owners can build and create, while gamers play and interact. Players can use NFTs in multiple games across the VulcanVerse. This Greco-Roman virtual world features building tools, MMO gaming functionalities and interoperable NFTs.

They made the game world really big, 3km x 3km divided into four quadrants. At the center players can find Vulcan City. There are 9918 plots available in the Verse, and there will never be any more plots. The size of each plot is 20m x 20m and the land can be sculpted and built on by the owner with the available in-game building tools.

Landowners can level up there land, and unlock new building pieces. In addition users can terraform their land, allowing users to morph the grass, sand, soil or snow into any sculpture. Obviously caverns are also an option. Depending on the district where the land is, landowners have access to certain items and tools. Land can also be leveled up, the higher the level the more rewards players get. Starting from level 2 landowners earn rewards from staking PYR.

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