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R-Planet Preparing for Colonization Development Phase

Rplanet colonization elements generator

Players who are deep into the mining game R-Planet, will be excited to learn that the phase of Colonization has almost arrived. The generator, which allows players to combine elements to discover new ones, will soon introduce new elements. These ones will be required for colonization.

Without going into too much detail, the developers posted a blog in which they announced that ‘many more elements and materials [are] needed for the colonization effort’. So far players have discovered 73 elements. New ones will be required, and they will soon reveal a full list of elements.

The developers consider Colonization the second phase of their game. Until now players have been in the Evacuation phase. According to the story of R-Planet, the players have abandoned Earth and are now investigating planets to start a new life. Once the right elements have been found, life can start on a new planet and therefore Colonization will begin.

Colonization will bring new gameplay options to R-Planet. Players can use the newly discovered elements to create buildings. It seems with reason that these building influence other capabilities, and perhaps enable the development of new elements. In addition we’ll be mining on Mars, and there will be a gaming element.

What is R-Planet?

The story from R-Planet is about finding planets where we can live. Humanity will pick Mars, but this requires research and testing. That’s where the NFT elements come into place. Combining these will allow humanity to discover more elements, and maybe solve the puzzle. Players will be staking NFTs, mining AETHER, buying and trading these basic materials, using them to create something new, and then the cycle continuous.

The amount of AETHER someone earns for their NFTs isn’t a fixed rate anymore. It’s all about the total amount of all staked NFTs, and your participation in the pool. Finding a pool with little activity, could proof to be fruitful. 

The roadmap for R-Planet goes a lot further to Evacuation and Colonization. The third phase will be Conquest, during which players will discover a hostile enemy. There will be a sale of characters, and the construction of robots and vehicles.

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