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Animoca Launching New Race Game This Summer

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This week gamers competing in F1 Delta Time’s Grand Prix Mode or Time Trial Mode, were also earning NFTs for an upcoming race game by Animoca Brands. The game company didn’t provide any details on the racing game, but emphasized that it will be part of the REVV ecosystem and it will use the Polygon blockchain.

Even though the company didn’t reveal details about the NFTs, Animoca did state that the race game would feature a full ‘arcade simulation gameplay experience’. The yet unrevealed racing game will have a public beta this summer, and Animoca Brands will unveil more details soon.

In the REVV family, we already have F1 Delta Time and MotoGP Ignition. In addition Animoca works on a Formula E racing game. With Atari’s Fatal Run and Night Driver Animoca licensed two games and made them part of the ecosystem. Considering that we didn’t hear about these two titles since the deal between Atari and Animoca, perhaps we can expect more about these soon.

What is REVV?

REVV is a so-called ERC-20 token used inside a variety of racing games by Animoca Brands. It’s basically a cryptocurrency. There’s a total supply of 3 billion REVV on the market, and Animoca Brands uses 500 million for F1 Delta Time. They will use this amount for all kinds of in-game activities, ranging from staking rewards, and game operations, all the way to marketing and promotions.

There are also play-to-earn mechanics in this game. Players who win time trial challenges or grand prix races will be able to earn these tokens. Earning REVV isn’t limited to gameplay. Players who own a non-fungible token of a racing track, will earn a cut of all REVV spent to race on that particular track. A Time Trial race costs 10 REVV per try, while the price for a grand prix starts at 15 REVV and goes up depending on the Tier. In the future players will also spend the tokens to keep their tires in good shape.

What is F1 Delta Time?

In F1 Delta Time game players can collect virtual cars, drivers and car parts. Each of these parts is an unique non-fungible token. Gamers can collect, trade, use or sell them on the open marketplace. Some of the very rare vehicles have sold for thousands dollars. Animoca Brands already made millions of dollars through a variety of auctions and NFT sales.

Gamers have competitive racing as the core element in F1 Delta Time. Each car has characteristics unique to the vehicle. Acceleration, grip, top speed, and luck are the elements that will influence the car’s performance. Currently the races are shown top-down and feature limited gameplay options.

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