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Lightnite Moving Towards True Battle Royale

lightnite battle royale screenshot concept art

For now gamers play Lightnite mainly as a deathmatch game, but the developers are working towards a complete battle royale mode. In their latest development blog they revealed some new updates that are part of the road towards battle royale.

Previously players could only pick up weapons, ammo and items. However, from now on players can also share items with their friends. Gamers can drop items on the floor to share with friends. On they drop items on the floor to lure enemies and then shoot them, after which they can loot their corpse. Yes, corpse looting is also a new feature.

At the moment the amount of items that players can share like this, is limited. This only works with guns, ammo and health kits. However, the team will also implement this for other weapons and items. Gamers can pick up ammo automatically, while guns and health packs require an interaction. With the ability to pick up items, Satoshi’s Games has also introduced spawning items. These random drops give better loot when they appear at hard to reach or dangerous locations. In addition there are new weapons, including a pistol, revolver, submachine gun, assault rifle and sniper rifle.

New mode and level

Sure, we could talk about updated graphics. But that’s something you have to see for yourself. What’s more interesting is the fact that the team has launched a new game mode: Team Deathmatch. Players can group up as friends, and beat other groups. In addition they can do all that ass kicking on a new map, because now there’s an abandoned hospital. This hospital map looks pretty cool, with some sniper locations as well as opportunities for close combat.

With team deathmatch in place, and the game embracing social and team-based gameplay, it looks like battle royale mode is getting close. In their dev blog Satoshi’s Games stated that battle royale is still under heavy construction, but it’s getting closer for sure!

What is Lightnite?

Gamers who play Lightnite can earn bitcoin by shooting other players. However, they will lose bitcoin when they get shot. Players can sell some of the items found in the game for bitcoin as well. On top of that they can withdraw the bitcoin they earned in Lightnite immediately. Another example of a fine play-to-earn mechanic, even though you could potentially also lose sats of course.

Essentially Lightnite is a low-poly version of Fortnite, which means it’s a game in the battle royale genre. However, the game offers multiple game modes for different types of players. According to the development roadmap the game will have its official release later this summer.

In May the team announced that players can now trade NFTs. These NFTs are stored on the Liquid Network, and can for example be traded on Elixir Market. For the transactions during gameplay, Lightnite uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

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