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First Blockchain Cuties Only Available with BCUG Token

blockchain cuties bcug NFTs

Blockchain Cuties has officially launched the first collection of Cuties, the NFT used in gameplay, that can only be purchased with the BCUG token. BCUG is an ERC-20 token available on multiple blockchains that’s going to be at the center of the Blockchain Cuties universe. 

Blockchain Cuties is offering a collection of Cutie NFTs that may only be purchased with BCUG for the first time in their history. Short for Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance, BCUG is central to the future of the game. As a way to highlight this new focus, they have launched this BCUG exclusive sale.

Each of the new NFTs is of epic rarity and will have unique powers and abilities. Additionally, they have unique appearances and they’re even sporting animated backgrounds. These unique cuties have a set limit, which varies per Cutie, and they can only be purchased with BCUG.

Below are the names of all the epic new Cuties that are now on sale:

  • Megaera
  • Nyxonia
  • Dystoina Erinys
  • Tilphousia
  • Alekto
  • The Hallow One
  • Bloodshed
  • Pale Horseman
  • Fury

You can view the unique artwork and descriptions on the Blockchain Cuties official site.

How to use BCUG in Blockchain Cuties

BCUG stands for Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance. People who hold these BCUG tokens will be players, but they will also have voting rights in the DAO. Players can spend these tokens on cuties, land plots, resources, while earning tokens with liquidity farming, through tournaments or as gameplay rewards.

The developers will distribute 58% of the total BCUG supply to the community through for example gameplay farming, liquidity mining, and governance rewards. However, the way you receive these tokens works different for each of those, for example the token distribution for gameplay farming happens on a weekly basis. While liquidity providers earn their share of 15 percent of the BCUG spent in-game on a monthly basis.

Blockchain Cuties Universe is currently live in five different blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, EOS, Tron and NEO. BCUG will generate revenue on each of those blockchains. BCUG adds a play-to-earn layer to the Blockchain Cuties universe.

What is Blockchain Cuties Universe?

Blockchain Cuties is a blockchain game with collectible characters. Each of these characters has different and unique attributes that players can use in battles, adventures, and other challenges. Blockchain Cuties uses seasonal content that allows players to earn unique and limited edition rewards.

Players can earn and collect all kinds of cuties. However, players can also breed these characters. This makes Blockchain Cuties a bit comparable with the classic Cryptokitties. Players can also use these collectibles in several game modes. They can also upgrade them by using items, improving the utility of a cutie.

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