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Cybernetics Packs Coming to Doctor Who on Thursday

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Reality Gaming Group has announced the release of Cybernetics Packs coming to the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. These packs still contain the same cards, but with a different frame. The Cybernetics Packs offers three new frames, and therefore a new opportunity to get a card with a low serial number.

The new Doctor Who Cybernetics Packs will go on sale on Thursday, June 10th, starting from 3PM BST / 4PM CEST / 10AM EST / 7AM PST. The packs contain three new types of frames: Mondasian Cyberman, the Cybermat and K9. Each pack contains 10 different cards.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart will become a trading card game. Through these card sales gamers can now already build their deck using the first card series. When future card series launch, these will become more rare and perhaps sought after.

The trading card game runs on its own Ethereum sidechain. Therefore all trading happens without gas fees. This separate blockchain stores all transactions and NFTs, giving players control over their assets. However, the blockchain runs through a number of appointed nodes, and is therefore not as decentralized as the normal Ethereum blockchain.

What is Doctor Who: Worlds Apart?

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an upcoming trading card game that taps into the rich history of the BBC television series. The game, like the TV series, has elements of time travel and combines characters and events from different timelines in the series. 

The Doctor in the TV series turns out to be extraterrestrial, but appears to be human. He travels through time and space using the Tardis, a time travel machine that looks like a blue Police Box, and has all kinds of adventures. The first episode aired in 1963, hence the price point for the Tardis Pack and the number of founder’s tokens.

Reality Gaming Group and the BBC will release Doctor Who: Worlds Apart as a free-to-play game. Players can buy cards based on the entire Doctor Who universe. They can then use their collection to build a deck and battle against other players in one-versus-one battles.

The trading card games offers eight different types of cards. According to comments from the developers, Planet cards will be important for setting the rule book of the current game. However, planets can be replaced during a battle, shifting the tides in the process.

The eight card types are:

  1. Creature – damage dealers and defensive cards
  2. Companion – same function as creatures
  3. Upgrade – used to upgrade a creature or companion, remain attached until disarmed
  4. Moment – Harmful or helpful spells that can turn the tide of battle
  5. Flash – An opportunity to respond to your opponent’s actions
  6. Object – Placed on the board, but can’t attack or block. They have other unique uses.
  7. Phenomenon – Similar to objects, but bigger impact
  8. Planet – Switches the board, boosts synergy with certain cards

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