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Alterverse Launches Play-to-Earn NFT Quest

alterverse efinity legendary NFT set

The blockchain-powered online action game Alterverse has launched a play-to-earn initiative during which the first 100 players to complete the Hero’s Quest will receive an exclusive NFT. There are 20 complete sets of five pieces, and the first 100 players to complete the quest will either receive the helmet, armor, plasma hammer, shield or uniform.

Aside from getting on piece from the legendary Efinity NFT set through the quest, there will also be one Alterverse gamer who receives the complete set. The developers will hive the complete set to the player who needed the lowest total time to complete the Hero’s Quest. Make sure to join the competition before June 12th 9pm CT, and keep in mind that you can try multiple times.

Alterverse has organized the giveaway in celebration of the upcoming Efinity blockchain by Enjin. However, Alterverse doesn’t run on Efinity right now, as the game recently moved over the Jumpnet. Jumpnet is an Ethereum sidechain, which will also directly connect with Efinity and its tokenomics.

It’s important to note that the set isn’t limited to this giveaway. Players can buy these assets for $20 per item from the Alterverse shop. Here you can also buy the game for $17,99, and buyers will receive a Steam code. That’s the same price you pay on Steam itself.

What is Alterverse?

Alterverse Disruption gives players a variety of game modes. There are free-for-all deathmatches, or a mode where players need to raid treasures from a giant spaceship. In addition there are space ship battles and melee matches. Alterverse Disruption promises a variety of tournaments with prizes and in addition the possibility to earn and collect cosmetics.

Ultimately Alterverse needs to become an universe where players also create their own content. The developers are working on a variety of home worlds. However, there will also be player-owned worlds where players can create their own multiplayer games without the need of any coding skills.

Players can own entire space ships. These so-called Disrupter Ships are basically game servers. These Disrupter Ships can be heavily customized and the owners also earn a commission on the sales of skins. In addition they can charge a small fee in Faces, the in-game currency, to play. They can also offer prizes to those who win the game mode.

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