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Brave Frontier Heroes Now Rewards MCHC Tokens

brave frontier heroes MCHC MCH Coin token play to earn

Brave Frontier Heroes is now rewarding players with MCHC, the native token currently used for the partner game My Crypto Heroes. This token can be used throughout the game, but can also be transferred out. Additionally, new tournaments and contests will be announced that allow players to earn more.

Players will earn MCHC during normal play in Brave Frontier Heroes along with the chance to win larger prizes in tournaments. One announced tournament is the 7th World Crown Championship. The winner of this tournament will take home 10,000 MCHC, which is approximately $10,000 USD.

New reward systems will be revealed later, such as Total War and Raids. More information about these two new types of gameplay is expected in the coming months.

MCHC exists on Polygon

Much like other Ethereum dapps, both Brave Frontier Heroes and My Crypto Heroes have moved to the Polygon blockchain. This was done to avoid high gas fees. This migration is still an ongoing process.

The team behind My Crypto Heroes announced the MCHC token in 2020 as part of a larger plan to create a cohesive ecosystem for their games. The intent is to use this token to rewards players of both games. 

The MCHC token can currently be swapped on QuickSwap, which is the leading token swap service on Polygon. Alternatively, players may use it to buy new NFTs on the internal marketplace.

Lastly, the team announced that they want more exposure in the NFT art world. This month they’re expected to sell Pixel Animation NFT Collector’s Edition NFTs, launching a new way to enjoy the game. You may read the full announcement on the team’s Medium post.

What is Brave Frontier Heroes?

Brave Frontier Heroes is a blockchain-powered tactical role-playing game in which players need to tactically place their characters in a battle formation, before entering a fight. These battles happen automatically, and generally, a sense of RNG is into play.

Brave Frontier Heroes offers a bit of a play-to-earn mechanic, but also requires lots of investment. Players will need to buy at least a couple of heroes before they’re able to compete with the best. Using only the free-to-play heroes isn’t really an option if you’re looking to create some value. Gather historical heroes, level them up, acquire extensions, and aim to be at the top of the world. This game features quests, weekly tournaments, and a ranked battle system.

This role-playing game has been among the most played blockchain-powered games for many months. The game focuses its gameplay heavily on mobile phones, and everybody can play. However, Brave Frontier requires investment if you want to seriously compete.

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