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Somnium Builder SDK Supports Custom Models

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Landowners in the virtual world of Somnium Space can now import custom 3D models into the Somnium Builder SDK and use them to decorate their own land plots. These models, which can be for example OBJ or FBX files, can have custom animations, different shaders and lighting options. The Somnium Builder SDK gives users a whole lot more freedom in adding creativity to their virtual homes.

The problem with a virtual world is that the rules of that world are often set my those who create it. However, Somnium Space has now integrated all kinds of open-standards found in for example the Unity engine. As a result landowners could potentially create a customized game world or import completely custom designs onto their parcel.

Sure, designing a 3D object isn’t a skill anybody has. However, consider Blender being free to use and an internet full of tutorials, there’s no reason for someone not to give it a try. In addition you might argue that this is where the future of jobs in the metaverse comes into place. Similar to how construction workers build a house in the real-world, specialized designers can make one in Somnium Space.

Somnium Space becoming much more user friendly

It’s safe to state that 2021 has been a big year for Somnium Space already. The developers have put lots of effort in making their virtual world more accessible. One year ago you needed to download a client on your PC, but now users can visit individual parcels through a web interface. This feature also works on mobile devices. Furthermore the platform supports full body tracking in VR, adding more features for high-end users who want to have that Ready Player One experience.

A full body tracking Pro kit from HTC Vive costs around $1,200, or you could acquire another Steam VR compatible headset that has FBT options. If you want to go next level, there are companies already working on body suits of haptic feedback. Even though this isn’t implemented yet into Somnium Space, I will not be surprised of company boss Artur Sychov will be among the first to embrace the technology.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a virtual world in which landowners can build whatever they want to. The program registers landownership on the Ethereum blockchain by using NFTs. In addition all players can visit these creations and interact with each other. The developers have created Somnium Space with VR headsets in mind, even though players can also access to world through their desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

Value of land in Somnium Space has been increasing incredibly over the year. We can also see this increased demand for virtual land in other virtual worlds and even in blockchain-powered video games. Once in a while Somnium Space sells new land parcels, either for ETH or their in-world currency CUBES.

Even though Somnium Space allows users to showcase NFTs within the virtual world, you can’t call it a metaverse. Somnium Space is a world within the metaverse. To learn more about what the metaverse is, or what it can become, read this.

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