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Earn NFT Game Achievements in The Gardens Between

the gardens between pavillion

Blockchain gaming platform Pavillion has launched The Gardens Between, an multi-award winning single-player adventure-puzzle game that awards NFT game achievements. On the gaming platform users buy an NFT Game License, giving them the option to resell their digital game purchase.

In this puzzle-adventure game players will be tasked with helping best friends, Arina and Frendt solve puzzles by manipulating time. Aside from the NFT you earn by purchasing the game, players can also earn NFTs for completing game achievements. That’s a level-up from the Steam levels, Trophies and Gamerscores. It’s the first time we see game achievements being translated into NFTs.

Pavillion is still in its early days when it comes to being a game distribution platform. They have the racing game 22 Racing Series as their in-house developed game, while the VR first-person shooter Winter Fury became the second game on the platform. With The Gardens Between they added a third, relative big title to their offering.

The Gardens Between won many awards three years ago. The game won the Mac Game of the Year Award from Apple, while also winning at the Australian Game Developer Awards and the Indie Game Festival. Purchase the game on Pavillion here.

What is Pavillion?

Game distribution platform Pavillion is currently in Open Beta. Players can earn NFT achievements in-game and the platform also sells NFT licenses of the games themselves. The platform allows you to connect to Steam and continue to play your existing games while working to break the standard digital distribution methods and put true ownership into the hands of its users.

Using NFTs for game licenses comes with all kinds of benefits. Certain NFTs can give access to certain content, allowing developers to sell premium content or limited access without the risk of piracy. You can’t fake an NFT, as the blockchain registers ownership. As a result the system becomes much more resilient against piracy.

It uses the Phantasma Chain for its blockchain backend, which supports interoperability with Ethereum and NEO, while allowing purchases using USDT & USDC. Read more about the Pavillion platform on the official website.

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