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Upcoming Tactical Game Voxies Will Get Demo Soon

voxies screenshot tactical battle rpg

Voxies, an NFT-focused blockchain project, has announced that there will be a playable demo of Voxies Tactics Game within a few months. However, they didn’t revealed an exact release date. The game will feature turn-based combat that makes use of unique classes. Players will be able to improve their characters with armor and weapons.

Voxies launched earlier this year as collectibles, only to later reveal to actually be part of a bigger plan. Voxies will become a full-featured tactics game, complete with classes and abilities. Think along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics and fan-favorite Advance Wars, but then using voxelized characters that are actually NFTs.

Classes will allow players to create customized teams of NFTs designed to crush their opponents. On their website’s classes page, they discuss how classes fall under two categories: attacking and supporting. Underneath these categories are sub-classifications such as tank and DPS. 

In total Voxies lists 18 classes and calls them examples. They also directly state that some classes will fall into multiple categories. This creates a broad range of potential character types that players can use to create unique and effective teams.

Of course, the real excitement is about the playable demo teased in their Medium post. Voxies Tactics Game already has a gameplay demo video, so we can’t wait to get our hands on the playable demo. We’ll make sure to let you all know when that launches and where you can find it.

What is Voxies?

Voxies are procedurally generated NFTs that can be collected, traded, and used in an upcoming Voxies Tactics Game. Every Voxel Buddy has a number of attributes and traits that make them entirely unique. The NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

Individual Voxel Buddies are currently available for purchase on OpenSea and other NFT aftermarkets. They currently function as cute and fun collectibles, but much of their value comes from speculation about their skill in the upcoming tactics game. 

The upcoming blockchain-powered game will work much like other turn-based RPG tactical games, such as Final Fantasy Tactics. Players will control multiple characters that they own as NFTs. The objective will vary based on the game type.

Central to the project is the VOXEL token. Players will earn the token by completing battles and other challenges. It will be able to be sold externally for profit or used in-game for various purposes, such as buying items, armor, or cosmetics. More information about the VOXEL token will be made available in future releases.

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