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VulcanVerse Upgraded Game World to Beta Status

VulcanVerse beta screenshot environment

Vulcan Forged has announced that the Roman-Greco fantasy world of VulcanVerse has now moved into beta. It’s the next phase of development as the user-generated and blockchain-powered virtual world becomes a deeper and better product.

The upgrade van alpha to beta obviously comes with graphical improvements. In VulvanVerse landowners can build their land using the tools available in their quadrant. The world of VulcanVerse is split in four different areas, with a fifth one, the neutral Vulcan City, in the middle. Each of those quadrants follows a certain god, has its own style and assets available for building. This Greco-Roman virtual world features building tools, MMO gaming functionalities and interoperable NFTs.

Landowners can level up there land, and unlock new building pieces. In addition users can terraform their land, allowing users to morph the grass, sand, soil or snow into any sculpture. Obviously caverns are also an option. Depending on the district where the land is, landowners have access to certain items and tools. Land can also be leveled up, the higher the level the more rewards players get. Starting from level 2 landowners earn rewards from staking PYR. Gamers who don’t own land, can still do quests within the game’s universe. In addition those gamers can acquire other NFTs, like Vulcanites.

Vulcan Forged ecosystem

Vulcan Forged is an ecosystem with applications that use NFTs, but it’s also a game studio and a marketplace. They made VulcanVerse, while others developers work on other games. There’s lots of interoperability, especially for so-called Vulcanites NFTs. In addition there are play-to-earn mechanics, as players can earn cards in Beserk or offer other services within VulcanVerse.

Over the past few months VulcanVerse has really started to become a familiar name in the community, as more gamers got introduced to the fantasy world. During the second Play to Earn Game Festival visitors could already learn about the basics of VulcanVerse and the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

Vulcan Forged is a development platform that uses PYR, a cryptocurrency on the Polygon blockchain. In VulcanVerse the token is needed to for example upgrade your land, which will then generate passive income in PYR. Furthermore, gamers can also use this PYR token for the trading card game Berserk. This game is already available for mobile devices.

The developers now opened the Vulcan Forged Game Launchpad. Here developers can apply to tap into the ecosystem, using the NFT engine and marketplace integration. In addition there’s $40,000 in grants up for grabs.

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