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Axie Infinity Has Fiat On-Ramp for Ronin

ronin ramp network fiat onramp

Axie Infinity has partnered with fiat-to-crypto conversion company Ramp Network to allow players to buy Ether (ETH) using a credit card, which will then directly be moved to the Ronin sidechain as Wrapped ETH or WETH. Users can acquire ETH using Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and bank transfers.

According to Sky Mavis this is just the first step of the fiat on-ramp integration. First of all Ramp Network will expand its coverage over time, meaning that more countries can use the service. In addition the Vietnamese game studio will push to also allow users to directly purchase Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and AXS tokens through the fiat on-ramp solution. Ultimately they would even consider allowing NFT purchasing using Ramp Network.

When it comes to on-boarding new gamers into the Axie Infinity ecosystem, Sky Mavis considers the fiat on-ramp an important step. It allows gamers without any crypto knowledge to get started playing Axie Infinity easier. This on-ramp removes the need to deal with a cryptocurrency exchange, a blockchain bridge or Metamask. Instead everything happens directly in the Ronin browser plugin.

Axie Infinity roadmap

Axie Infinity will add a whole lot more features to their game in the coming months. An improved version of their battle mode is just one of many additions in the pipeline. Land gameplay, also known as Project K, is probably one of the most anticipated features. This will pitch kingdoms against each other in competitive gameplay.

In an effort to make it easier to get started playing Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis will introduce soulbound Axies. These are free game characters that aren’t eligible for play-to-earn mechanics, or perhaps ‘a very very small amount’. The idea is that players can then step over to paid characters to start earning from the game.

Sky Mavis is also working on creating their own decentralized exchange, a Ronin DEX if you will. In addition they want all their features to work on mobile devices as well. This is a work-in-progress.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a tactical battle game in which two players fight each other using a team of Axies. These little balls of joy are from Lunacia, and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Their characteristics influence which moves they are capable of performing. They can be damage dealers, healers, or bad ass tanks.

It is the battle system that makes Axie Infinity stand out. Axies will take turn to fight in a 3v3 battle. The Axies fight to win the victory. At the same time players need to be a real strategists. They for example need to wisely choose appropriate Axies for their team, placing them at the tactical positions.

Axie Infinity has a strong play-to-earn system. Gamers earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) by winning matches. Yes, they are now called Smooth Love Potions. These can be used inside the game’s economy or sold to other players who are in need of some more. Soon they will introduce land gameplay, their AXS governance token and a lot more. Axie Infinity is becoming more than just a battle game.

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