Bitcoin NFTs Now Available on Elixir Market

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Game studio Satoshi’s Games has launched their own NFT marketplace on the Bitcoin blockchain called Elixir Market. On Elixer Market gamers can trade in-game assets from for example Lightnite, the battle royale game that also taps into Bitcoin.

Elixir Market runs on both Liquid Network and Lightning Network, two layer-2 solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Satoshi’s Games uses Liquid to store NFTs, and give players ownership over in-game items. At the moment players can for example store their skins and outfits for Lightnite. Another game that also uses Liquid, would be the space game Infinite Fleet.

In addition the marketplace uses Lightning Network for all forms of payments. That means that transactions happen fast, simply by scanning a QR code using a smartphone. Again, it’s the same technology used by their battle royale game. Obviously Elixir Market isn’t the first NFT marketplace, not even close. However, it is the first NFT marketplace for non-fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Gamers who play Lightnite, need to use a Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet in order to participate in the in-game economy. Every time they hit someone, they will earn bitcoin. Get hit, and you will lose some. In addition players can earn game NFTs while playing, which can then be traded or sold on the marketplace. Check out the marketplace here.

Right now Lightnite is the only game on the Elixir Market. However, the marketplace is part of a bigger plan. Satoshi’s Games wants to create the Elixir publishing platform, providing services for any developer to integrate Bitcoin into their games.

What is Lightnite?

Gamers who play Lightnite can earn bitcoin by shooting other players. However, they will lose bitcoin when they get shot. Players can sell some of the items found in the game for bitcoin as well. On top of that they can withdraw the bitcoin they earned in Lightnite immediately. Another example of a fine play-to-earn mechanic, even though you could potentially also lose sats of course.

Essentially Lightnite is a low-poly version of Fortnite, which means it’s a game in the battle royale genre. However, the game offers multiple game modes for different types of players. Currently a singleplayer mode is live, with a multiplayer mode coming this November. According to the development roadmap the game will have its official release later this summer.

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