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Ubisoft Working with Crucible & Guild of Guardians

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The metaverse organization Crucible, game studio Horizon and the action role playing game Guild of Guardians are among the eleven companies that will work with Ubisoft for the coming months. This program is meant to support innovative startups to create products and services that will enhance the entertainment industry.

These three companies aren’t unknown to regular readers of Play to Earn Online Magazine. Earlier we wrote an extensive article about Crucible’s ambitions to provide tools for cross-game identities in the metaverse. In addition we’ve been covering Guild of Guardians quite a lot recently, as they have an NFT presale coming up. Furthermore we’ve covered Horizon a couple of times, but their trading card game Skyweaver is more likely to ring a bell.

Now Ubisoft will help Guild of Guardians, Skyweaver and Crucible to improve their products for a mainstream audience. Alongside these three companies, there are also eight others that will take part in the sixth season of Ubisoft’s Entrepreneur Lab:

  1. Aleph (France) – decentralized storage & cloud computing
  2. Anybrain (Portugal) – anti-fraud for online gaming
  3. Atlantide (France) – educational games about history
  4. BrainLeap (U.S.) – gaming through eye tracking
  5. Game Academy (United Kingdom) – career opportunity platform
  6. Lexiko (France) – learning platform for dyslexic kids
  7. (Canada) – data platform NFT market
  8. Virtuleap (Portugal) – combines neuroscience with VR gaming

The partnership with Ubisoft often means a lot for these startups. The gaming giant helps these companies for example to professionalize their organization, or perhaps to improve their product for mass adoption. In addition you could think about onboarding methods, the design of an user interface, or improving gameplay mechanics.

Ubisoft becoming more prolific

Over the past two years Ubisoft has been quite open about their support of the blockchain gaming industry. The fact that they set up this entrepreneur innovation lab, says enough. However, recently we’re also hearing more about the fruits of those collaborations.

In March the company behind Axie Infinity announced that Ubisoft praised the improvement on their battle systems. Players still need to see these updates, but it just shows that the gaming company is very involved in the development of these products.

Sometimes that involvement even takes a next step. For example during the fifth season of the entrepreneur’s lab, Ubisoft worked with fantasy football game Sorare. Based on that collaboration, Ubisoft launched their own fantasy football game, which they named One-Shot League. However, what’s cool about this, is that the game taps into the NFT cards used in Sorare. Pure interoperability!

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