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One NFT to Use in Guild of Guardians and The Sandbox

guild of guardians x the sandbox presale NFT

The mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians is working with the user-generated world The Sandbox to create NFT characters that can be used in both games. Details are a bit scarce, but Joseph Madding from The Sandbox spilled the beans in a recent video.

Graphically there’s quite some overlap between Guild of Guardians and The Sandbox. However, the heroes from Guild of Guardians will be stored as NFTs on the layer-2 solution Immutable X, while The Sandbox uses the Ethereum mainnet. Does this means players will need to bridge NFTs, or will The Sandbox simply support Immutable X? We don’t have an answer yet, but we do know that The Sandbox is looking at layer-2 solutions.

Earlier this week Guild of Guardians revealed more details about their upcoming pre-sale. Prices for the Hero NFTs start as $12,50 for a rare one. The epic ones will be $55, while the legendary ones have a $250 price tag. Interestingly enough, The Sandbox revealed their first interoperable project earlier this week, when they partnered with Zepeto.

Just to talk about bit about those Hero NFTs for Guild of Guardians. Everybody who buys an hero in the upcoming pre-sale, will also get a share of a 270,000 gems prizepool. These gems, or GOG tokens, are ERC-20 tokens, and therefore represent real value. It’s almost like a money-back program. Stepico and Immutable do this, to give early-adopters and head start and get the Gems tokens in as many hands as possible. However, the amount of Gems that gets distributed, does depend on the sales they make. Little sales, will mean a smaller amount of gems.

Big weeks ahead for both projects

Guild of Guardians has the presale coming up, and clearly they have big weeks ahead of them. But they aren’t the only ones dealing with this, as The Sandbox is currently in a similar scenario. They are preparing for their Season 0 event, which will introduce the play-to-earn world of The Sandbox to a limited amount of players. There will be all kinds of games playable that unlock over time, and players can win for example SAND prizes.

Landowners will get first access to the Pre-Season 0 event. Players without land who want to join the event, can pre-register to be notified. Every player who joins the event will get a special NFT for their participation. The event will offer more than forty different game experiences with a variety of gameplay mechanics. Some will be challenging platforming games, other are more social hubs or adventure role playing games.

The Sandbox is giving 1000 SAND (40~50 dollars) to the first thousand players who complete all the pre-season objectives. There are also smaller amounts of SAND to be earned while playing. In addition players can spend their earned tokens on in-game assets.

To learn more about Guild of Guardians, click here. If you’re more interested in The Sandbox, continue reading here.

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