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Tower Chest Sale Begins in Two Weeks

tower chest sale NFTs

Animoca Brands has announced the their first chest sale for the Tower token project will start on May 12th. They will sell 6,500 chests, and each contains multiple Tower Game Card NFTs. The cards are artworks based on the Crazy Defense Heroes franchise, can be used in a future game and will have some DeFi advantages.

To acquire a Tower Chest, participants need to acquire TOWER tokens. These can either be earned through the mobile games Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes, but it’s wiser to buy them on exchanges like Uniswap or Kucoin. Currently the TOWER token is trading for $0.064, up 129% over the past 7 days.

The cheapest chest is a bronze one, selling for 1,800 TOWER tokens. The silver chest costs 4,800 TOWER, while the gold chest will sell for 12,800 TOWER tokens.

Each Tower Chest contains 3 Tower Game Card NFTs. Gamers can use these NFTs in an upcoming tower defense game. In addition they can stake these assets to earn passive income paid in TOWER tokens. When you buy these chest in two weeks, you can’t open them yet. Chest opening will be made available at a later date.

Every chest contains 3 cards. The best rewarding items will be the legendary ones, which will earn players 27.37 TOWER per day. Legendary cards have a 10% chance to drop on the third card of a silver chest, while they have a 30% chance on the second gold card, and 48% on the third gold one.

Data tables from the Animoca Brands / Tower Token Medium blog

Let’s calculate when you buy 3 golden chests

Three golden chests will cost you 37,800 TOWER, or $2,420 at the current rate. In the worst case scenario you’d receive two common cards and one rare one. That would be 256 TOWER per month from staking. However, the chance of receiving these low tier cards is quite low, so let’s aim a bit higher: 1 rare and 2 epic cards per chest. These cards would then generate 1,723 TOWER per month. However, you might argue that a silver chest will probably generate you a similar amount of TOWER, even though your chance of finding a common card on your first pull is quite serious.

The best pull you could have, would be 1 epic and 2 legendary. If you would have three chests like this, these would generate you 5,665 TOWER per month. You’d earn your money back in 7 months. Obviously, chances for this scenario are slim.

So let’s say we buy three gold chests, and get one with the worst pull ever, a medium one, and the luckiest one ever. These three chests would then generate 85.85 TOWER per day, which equals 2,575 TOWER per month. It would take approximately 17 months to earn your TOWER back through your staking activities.

A bit more about TOWER

Animoca Brands is working on transforming their free-to-play titles, which make up a considerable part of their revenue, into blockchain-enabled play-to-earn games. They are doing this by adding play-to-earn mechanics to their games, starting with Crazy Defense Heroes and Crazy Kings. The TOWER token is central to this new ecosystem.

TOWER is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used in both Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. This same token will ultimately also be used in a new and upcoming game in the franchise. Token holders will have governance and voting rights on the game’s direction. In addition these tokens will be part of decentralized finance initiatives, including staking. However, details still need to be revealed about that.

Token owners can use their money to mint new NFTs, which ultimately are in-game cards that can be traded among players. These cards have different powers, values and rarities. Last but not least, there will be tournaments with entry fees and which players can also win tokens.

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