DungeonSwap To Gamify DeFi with Table Top RPG

dungeonswap defi table top rpg

DungeonSwap is next level gamification of finance, as it wants to combine table-top role playing games with DeFi, or decentralized finance. Yes, you earn DND tokens (no joke) and NFTs will help you along the way to take on quests. However, for now it’s a geeky themed DeFi protocol on the Binance Smart Chain.

I don’t write about DeFi a lot. Not because I don’t like it, but because Play to Earn is mainly about gaming. However, there’s a strong overlap between the two for sure. Not only do plenty of games have their own crypto token, but there are also games with their own elaborate in-game economy.

Now, DungeonSwap is first and foremost a DeFi product. It has a token swap, liquidity pools, farming options, staking, and so on. Basically everything you would expect from a DeFi protocol. Everything is themed after table top RPGs, giving a nice touch to the protocol. However, the menu options stand out: Boss Battleground & The Dungeon.

Boss Battleground will allow gamers to use NFTs and boost their rewards. Players get to set their actions, and if they beat the enemy they will earn certain rewards. Do they fail, they will be left behind empty handed.

On the website DungeonSwap mentions a Q2 2021 release date. The Dungeon will be a bit of the same, but will probably involve multiple battles followed by a boss battle, if traditional RPG rules are being followed.

Now let’s be honest here. I’m not saying you should invest in DND tokens. I’m also not saying you should ape in DungeonSwap. However, if you’re a bit geeky, you will probably like this protocol. Do your own research, read their audit, talk to people, learn more, and invest only what you are able to lose.

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