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Double Jump Hopping its RPGs to Flow

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Japanese game company Double Jump Tokyo will move a part of its portfolio to the Flow blockchain, while in addition launching games exclusive to the ecosystem. The studio will also run a validator node for the Flow blockchain and they will create a wallet software development kit for business purposes. The Japanese gaming company made games like My Crypto Heroes and Brave Frontier Heroes.

The partnership between Double Jump Tokyo and Flow will bring the MCH+ ecosystem to the new blockchain as well. However, Double Jump Tokyo didn’t go into details about their efforts on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s no secret that they’ve had quite a beating from the increased gas fees. In the past 30 days My Crypto Heroes recorded 740 transactions with a total volume of just $12,550 according to DappRadar.

However, Double Jump Tokyo recently announced a partnership with Immutable X. All existing applications would move from the Ethereum mainnet to the layer-2 solution. That way all users can enjoy an environment without gas fees. Immutable X just launched its network a few weeks ago with their own game Gods Unchained. Other projects, such as Double Jump Tokyo, will join in the months to come.

Flow attracting more games

So far everybody knows Flow as the blockchain powering NBA Top Shot. However, in recent weeks Dapper Labs has been revealing more activity in the game sector. Chainmonsters is now running on a test version of Flow, and will come to mainnet in the coming weeks. In addition Immortal Games announced that their trading card game Dark Country is also coming to the Flow blockchain.

With OpenSea as a premier marketplace supporting Flow. In addition Animoca Brands brings games like MotoGP Ignition and Star Girl over. The British game studio Sumo Digital, responsible for plenty of console games, announced to be working on multiple games for Flow. As a result the Flow ecosystem is growing, also in the gaming segment.

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