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Trading Card Game Dark Country Coming to Flow

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The trading card game Dark Country will expand its ecosystem from the Wax blockchain to Flow, and in the future more chains will likely follow. Players who play the game on Flow, will have their own continent, and there will be an option to have more than one continent per blockchain.

Dark Country has been around on the Wax blockchain for quite some time. Even though the cards exist on Wax, they allowed players to purchase card packs using multiple cryptocurrencies. With the introduction of land and play-to-earn gameplay mechanics, they are also expanding their horizon to new blockchains.

Specially for the Flow version of Dark Country, there will be 50 vampire cards. These cards will be packed in the Land Sale packs. There will be 2100 Rancho Packs, 300 Mayor’s Packs and only 100 Governor’s Packs. The rarer the pack, the bigger the chance you will find rare land.

The cheapest packs cost 7 FLOW, while the middle one is 20 FLOW. The most expensive packs are 60 FLOW each. To buy the card packs on Flow, you will need a Blocto wallet. In addition gamers interested in the pre-sale will need to get whitelisted.

How to use Dark Country land

All lands have their own unique set of buildings that landowners can build and upgrade. Doing so will improve gameplay abilities, as heroes can get a buff, or farming income will increase. The closer a piece of land is to the center of the continent, the better and more valuable it will be. A common land will have a normal farming rate, while an epic one is labeled as ‘very fast’. At the center of the game world there are 10 mythic lands, which promise ultra fast farming.

As a landowner there are active and passive activities for owning land NFTs. You could rent your land to someone and receive a passive income. However, you could also receive a share of the in-game rewards from player adventures. When landowners start building on their land, it will become more interesting. An alchemy lab is perfect for creating potions, taverns provide quests, blacksmith make weapons and for those good trades players can go to the black market. Earning a revenue share from all sales here, is part of the game.

At the same time lands add a whole range of new gameplay options. Players could complete quests, discover random adventures, or defeat portal beasts for extra points. In addition players can use land to upgrade their cards, and of course visit the buildings made by landowners to craft new clothes, weapons and scrolls.

Central to the Dark Country ecosystem, will be the Shadow Dimes. These SDM tokens are required for all kinds of in-game purchases, for crafting, upgrading, repairing and so on. Read more about the SDM tokens here.

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