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The Sandbox Made $5.9 Million with Premium Land Sale

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The April premium land sale for The Sandbox has made the company behind the virtual gaming world approximately $5.9 million in 24 hours. At the time of writing there’s still land for sale, even though the auctions for major land parcels have all finished. According to co-founder Sebastien Borget this was the biggest sale they’ve ever had.

The sale started on Wednesday with 1,874 premium lands, selling for 4,683 SAND each. Roughly 700~800 are still available through the official website, where the sale will end on Wednesday. In addition they sold 13 estates of 3×3 land parcels, and these sold our very fast. On top of that 19 estates sold through an auction, with the top one going for more than $241,000.

In terms of revenue this has definitely been the biggest sale yet. However, there’s still land a lot of land available for sale. Currently premium land parcels have been priced at 4,683 SAND, which is $3,047 per land parcel. Sure, these come with a couple of NFTs, but it’s a big difference with the $421 price tag from 2 months ago. The problem is that SAND has increased in value a lot, probably making it more difficult for people not invested to acquire a piece of land.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is one of the blockchain-powered virtual worlds currently in development. The virtual world of The Sandbox consists out of lands, and voxels fill up each of those lands. Visually it will remind many gamers of Minecraft, as both games have this Lego-inspired look to them. However, players are able to buy virtual land and implement any form of monetization. These virtual lands can become mini-games, adventures, virtual shops, extensions of actual webshops, a space for social gatherings, and so on.

The Sandbox is providing free tools for developers, gamers and content creators. Creators can use VoxEdit to make voxel objects. In addition the Game Maker allows users to create interactivity on their virtual land. The Sandbox will also create a meta gaming experience. Players can for example do daily quests or weekly quests for their guild. This will earn players SAND, which they can sell or use to buy in-game items or virtual land. Owning land in The Sandbox will allow users to monetize it. They can create and publish games, open virtual shops or organize events.

Over the past twelve months The Sandbox has been setting up all kinds of partnerships. Think about Care BearsThe Smurfs and Atari. In addition they’ve created a game fund to stimulate developers to create unique games within The Sandbox. Hack The TaoMushroom ManiaPlanet Rift and Dethrone are some of these indie games.

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