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Topps Brings Baseball Collectible Cards to Wax Blockchain

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Trading card company Topps and Major League Baseball expand their 70-year collaboration to the digital realm with cards on the Wax blockchain. Starting from Tuesday April 20th they will launch the Topps Baseball 2021 Series 1 collection with modern-day baseball stars in new and classic card designs.

Collectors can buy the digital baseball cards on the Wax blockchain using a creditcard. They can choose two types of Topps Baseball 2021 Series 1 packs. The Standard Pack (50,000 packs total) gets you six cards and costs 5$, while the Premium Packs (24,090 packs total) cost $100 and get you 45 cards. That means that the Series 1 offers 1,384,050 cards in total.

These baseball cards come in different rarities, and when buying a premium pack you have a bigger chance of finding rare cards. The Epic Exclusive (4.44% chance) and Legendary Exclusive (0.04%) can only be found in the $100 packages.

When Wax announced the MLB digital collectibles, they also offered a free special edition NFT pack. These were limited to 10,000 reservations and then sign-up closed pretty fast. Topps will also introduce a burn-to-earn event, where players need to destroy their digital cards for a chance to receive an exclusive Topps 1952-variation of a modern player. This event will last five weeks, but they haven’t announced a date yet.

Wax and digital collectibles

Topps and Wax blockchain first worked together on the launch of Garbage Pail Kids. These digital collectibles have seen several series. That Topps is now putting their most precious franchise onto the Wax blockchain, says a lot about the trust they seem to have in Wax and NFT technology.

The burn-to-earn event was first introduced with Garbage Pail Kids as well. It’s a mechanic that allows collectors to get rid of cards they don’t want, while it also reduces the general supply. Potentially these burning events increase the value of the general NFT collection.

Wax has been killing it in the partnerships division lately. Recently they also announced a partnership with Funko, which will launch NFT collectibles alongside limited edition physical ones. In addition the blockchain games Alien Worlds and R-Planet are generating quite some activity on the Wax blockchain.

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