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TokenTrove and RTFKT Join Immutable X

immutable x ethereum solution

The NFT marketplace TokenTrove and digital fashion label RTFKT Studios will both embrace Immutable X as a layer-2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Both parties indicate that gasless NFTs for consumers without compromising the security is the main reason to work with development studio Immutable. In addition Immutable recently revealed their efforts to be carbon-neutral, which obviously is appealing as well.

Even though TokenTrove and RTFKT both join the Immutable X ecosystem, they have very different use-cases. One is used to discover and buy NFTs, the other creates awesome looking NFTs to wear on your virtual feet. RTFKT Studios has been at the center of attention recently, as they’ve worked with a variety of designers and companies, including Fewocious, Atari and The Sandbox.

TokenTrove has been around as an NFT marketplace for a while now. This marketplace offers some great features for several NFT projects. For example, they show a map of Cryptovoxels, and highlight land parcels for sale. In addition the platform supports Gods Unchained, which obviously is also moving to Immutable, and NBA Top Shot.

Immutable X getting traction

When we talk about layer-2 solutions, we often mention Polygon. However, Polygon is literally a sidechain where you need to wrap your tokens from ETH to wETH. Because Polygon is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) it’s a pretty smooth process to have a game or art project running on that blockchain. The criticism here is that these type of sidechains or alternative to Ethereum, rely on validator nodes or Proof-of-Stake nodes. These are often very limited and not as decentralized as the mining nodes from the Ethereum blockchain.

Obviously Ethereum will also make the move to Proof-of-Stake nodes somewhere in the future. However, progress on this is happening very slowly. That’s where Immutable comes into play. With Immutable X they use so-called zk-rollups to basically create a funnel around the Ethereum blockchain, circumventing regular transactions while still tapping into the security of the Ethereum blockchain. That’s also why Immutable X doesn’t require a new token, as the project taps directly into the Ethereum blockchain.

Last week Double Jump Tokyo announced to bring their RPGs to Immutable X, while Gods Unchained now allows gamers to setup their account for Immutable X. Other companies that have announced their move to the layer-2 solution are Lucid Sight, SuperFarmDAO, War Riders and many others.

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