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Ether Kingdoms Finds New Owner for 10 ETH

ether kingdoms crown sale

The crypto-powered strategy game Ether Kingdoms has a new owner after someone paid 10 ETH to take over the crown from GameDelta. Literally, as the original creators sold the Ether Kingdoms Crown as an NFT on OpenSea. The new owner now gets all intellectual property, social media accounts, development documents, game code, servers and wallets.

GameDelta has been working on Ether Kingdoms for three years. According to their blog post they earned a total of $200.000 from their game, which has been reinvested into the project. At the same time they only made 1.7 ETH in 2020. A lack of motivation would be the primary reason why they have sold the project.

In Ether Kingdoms players literally need to mine for cryptocurrencies, in this case IMP tokens. The project was running on the Ethereum blockchain, which obviously didn’t do them very well with those high gas fees. The developers had plans to bring the game to Binance Smart Chain, but that never came to fruition.

According to the game statistics, Ether Kingdoms had 985 active miners. The project’s IMP token is spread out over 1644 different wallets, including on exchanges like Mercatox and Bitfinex. One IMP token has a value of $0.0026 at the time of writing.

It’s currently unknown who the new owner is, and what their plans are with Ether Kingdoms.

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