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Synergy of Serra Announces Alpha Fame Rewards

synergy of serra alpha fame

The upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra now allows users to deposit their unopened crates and start earning Alpha Fame from April 4th onwards. Every week 10 million Alpha Fame will be distributed to all those who are staking their crates, and these tokens aren’t tradeable. Game studio Calystral announced their alpha supporter reward program in a blog post.

Synergy of Serra exists on the Polygon blockchain, making all these a relative cheap experience for those used to Ethereum. Alpha Fame owners can redeem the points for promo cards, special card frames, unit spawn animations, card backs and legendary card cosmetics.

It’s important to note that rewards will be distributed to your Synergy of Serra wallet. That would be the wallet that the official website creates for you upon registering your account. Depositing crates can be done from any wallet though. Rewards from a hardware wallet, Metamask wallet and the Synergy of Serra wallet will therefore all end up in the Synergy of Serra wallet.

The Alpha Fame reward program will last as long as the card game is in alpha testing. Currently gamers and fans are awaiting the Closed Alpha test of Synergy of Serra, which Calystral has scheduled for later this year. Those who will participate in the closed alpha test will tap into an extra reward pool for Alpha Fame. Obviously this does require players to open crates, and thus removing them from the staking pool.

Alpha Fame tokens won’t be part of the game with Synergy of Serra releases. When the developers have completely developed their game, there will be a new in-game currency called SCRAP.

What is Synergy of Serra?

Synergy of Serra is a free-to-play card game, and it allows players to play the game and earn money. Everybody can join the game and use a basic set of cards. However, the blockchain elements adds an extra layer of ownership. This gives players the possibility to really own a set of cards, trade it, sell it and so on. In terms of gameplay, the developers have been inspired by deck-building games like Dominion.

Each player has their own deck, but the deck is developed during gameplay instead of beforehand. Both players create a suitcase of 100 cards, and as a result 200 cards end up on the table. This becomes the card pool from which players draw their cards. Players will need to build an ideal deck. Cards that they don’t need, can be turned into SCRAP. This token can also be used to buy new crates. 

At launch Synergy of Serra will offer 159 different cards, divided in four different sets: promo set, starter set, base set and the transcendent set. In addition there are cards without an ‘edition symbol’. These are regular cards that can’t be traded on the blockchain. Scarcity is measured through the rarity and the quality of a card. A legendary golden card is the most valuable, while a painted metal common card is the least valuable.

Each season, which takes one to four months, the game will have seasonal ladders. These competitive modes have play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn cryptocurrencies simply by being good at the game.

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