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Brave Frontier Heroes and More RPGs Move to Immutable X

immutable double jump tokyo brave frontier heroes

Double Jump Tokyo will be bringing their entire repertoire, including Brave Frontier Heroes, My Crypto Heroes and the MCH+ platform, to Immutable X. They will move all minting and trading features for their role playing games to the layer-2 solution, benefitting from low gas fees and fast transaction times.

Double Jump Tokyo works on a variety of blockchain games. For example, in Brave Frontier Heroes players earn loot, forge new items, and make other microtransactions. This doesn’t make a lot of sense when the transaction fee is $10. That’s why they are moving Brave Frontier Heroes and their other RPGs to Immutable X.

Immutable X will launch its alpha version before the end of this month. Gods Unchained players will be the first using the layer-2 blockchain solution. Down the road more projects will enter the ecosystem. The NFT marketplace Mintable, the NFT farming platform SuperfarmDAO, the battle RPG Illuvium, vehicle combat game War Riders and others have already announced their collaboration with Immutable?

Immutable, Ethereum and competition

Immutable X is the platform run by the Australian dev studio Immutable. They have also created the trading card game Gods Unchained and are the publisher of the upcoming mobile action RPG Guild of Guardians. With Immutable X they’ve created a solution that connects directly to the Ethereum blockchain, but doesn’t have to deal with those incredibly high gas fees.

Double Jump Tokyo, which is obviously based in Japan, is one of many blockchain gaming companies looking at Immutable X as a solution. The problem are the high gas fees, that have increased since the DeFi summer of 2020. They already started looking for alternatives in August 2020. Games that tap into the Ethereum blockchain hardly function anymore, and therefore game studios are looking for alternatives.

Many look at the Polygon blockchain, which basically copies Ethereum. However, Immutable X creates a loop around the Ethereum blockchain. As a result it uses the security of Ethereum, without having to rely on it to process transactions. Aside from Polygon, Immutable has competitors in Enjin and Flow. Enjin will launch their zero fee blockchain Jumpnet in April, while Efinity will follow by the end of the year.

What is Immutable X?

The Ethereum blockchain can’t deal with too much traffic. When everybody is sending transactions, the price to do so shoots up. Even though this is nice for miners, it sucks for users. Layer-2 solution like 0xPolygon and Immutable X solve this by adding an extra layer on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Immutable X uses a technology developed by Starkware, called zk-rollups. This technology allows zero-cost transactions and can serve up to 9 thousand transactions per second, compared to the handful Ethereum can do. In addition Immutable X allows users to mint ERC-721 tokens for free, all while tapping into the network security provided by Ethereum.

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