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MotoGP NFTs Not Selling At Premium Price

motogp ignition card sale

The first NFTs for the collectible racing game MotoGP Ignition are not selling at premium prices, as players can buy the card packs for either $9 or $14. Each card pack contains three collectibles. The 2020 Season Rider Pack and the Biker Pack contain only riders and bikers respectively, while the Season Team pack offers card with a rider and its bike paired. The sale will start on Friday at 9AM UTC.

Seeing a $9 price tag for MotoGP packs is something completely different from the premium pricing at F1 Delta Time, another racing game from Animoca Brands in the REVV ecosystem. Here packs, or keys, sold for at least $58 or 800 REVV, back in January. This would make MotoGP Ignition, even though more niche as a sports, more accessible as a digital collectible.

Animoca Brands also announced the supply of these MotoGP cards. In this first sale there will be 9.500 card packs available. Collectors, fans and gamers can only buy these packs using a creditcard. Support for the REVV token, and perhaps other options, will be added in the future. Fans who aren’t able to buy a pack tomorrow, will need to wait until April 9th for a second sale.

The rarity drop rates for the card packs are interesting. These collectibles, which will also be usable in the racing management game, come in four different rarities: common, rare, epic and legendary. The luckiest pack you can open will contain one rare, one epic, and one legendary card, and the least lucky pack will contain two common and one rare card.

What is MotoGP Ignition?

MotoGP Ignition is a blockchain-powered racing management game with digital collectibles. The official MotoGP licensed game will offer two experiences: collection and competition. Competition will allow players to compete on the track, while the collection element revolves around players collecting all riders, champions, and bikes the game has to offer.

MotoGP Ignition obviously is a blockchain game, and therefore the amount of digital assets is limited. As a result everything gets a certain value, and players can trade their acquired items as they like. 

This motorbike racing game is part of the REVV ecosystem. REVV is a cryptocurrency token that’s all about rewarding players, but it’s also needed to acquire items and make purchases. Currently REVV is already in use for F1 Delta Time, and more games are coming.

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