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MotoGP Ignition Taps into Past and Present

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The upcoming racing collectible game MotoGP Ignition will feature not only the best racers and bikes from modern day MotoGP, but also the historical legends from the past. The first product pack launch will be based on the 2020 Season that recently ended, posted the official MotoGP on their blog.

The official MotoGP licensed game will offer two experiences: collection and competition. Competition will allow players to compete on the track, while the collection element revolves around players collecting all riders, champions, and bikes the game has to offer.

MotoGP Ignition obviously is a blockchain game, and therefore the amount of digital assets is limited. As a result everything gets a certain value, and players can trade their acquired items as they like. The 2020 Collectible Cards are the first ones available in the card packs. Each pack contains three cards. These cards will go for sale on March 26th, and players can use either their creditcard or REVV tokens.

MotoGP Ignition, REVV and Flow

This motorbike racing game is part of the REVV ecosystem. REVV is a cryptocurrency token that’s all about rewarding players, but it’s also needed to acquire items and make purchases. Currently REVV is already in use for F1 Delta Time, and more games are coming.

What’s interesting is that Animoca Brands, the company behind MotoGP Ignition, announced that the game is coming to the Flow blockchain. This is the same blockchain that currently hosts NBA Top Shot. This would mean players don’t have to deal with gas fees, and transactions are instant.

The REVV ecosystem will now exist on Ethereum, Polygon and Flow. Perhaps we will see more chains in the near future, as Ethereum compatible chains like Binance Smart Chain are becoming more dominant. In addition cross-chain protocols like Polkadot and Cosmos are gaining momentum as well.

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