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Tony Hawk To Sell Last Ollie 540 as NFT

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Skateboard legend Tony Hawk has recently done his signature move Ollie 540 for the last time, and video footage of that moment will be sold as an NFT. On Instagram the 52-year old skateboard legend said that he would release the NFT through Ethernity Chain. The sale would take place somewhere in the coming weeks.

Tony Hawk performed the Ollie 540 for the first time in 1989. He became a legendary skateboarder, and even has his own gaming franchise at Activision. Tony Hawk Pro Skater is probably one of the best skateboarding games ever made.

Anyway, for many fans the collectible of Hawk’s final Ollie 540 is something they would love to own. Sure, you can watch the video on Instagram. But, as it goes with NFTs, there’s something magical about owning a digital asset issued by a legend. We don’t know yet how many editions of this Tony Hawk NFT there will be, or how expensive it will be.

Ethernity and NFTs

Ethernity Chain is a platform that produces authenticated NFTs from brands, celebs and artists. They’ve already announced partnerships with Terra Virtua, Superfarm and digital artist Boss Logic. They plan to launch NFTs based on sports legends, but also entrepreneurs, sports heroes, music artists, movies and other legendary icons.

Ethernity Chain has its own native ERN token. The token launch on March 8th priced below 3 dollars, while the token is now worth more than $37. Even though the platform is called Ethernity Chain, the platform runs on Ethereum. Users can stake their ERN tokens to farm more NFTs and vote of governance proposals.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term NFT, think of an NFT as a digital object that you actually own. These digital objects have a limited supply and ownership can be confirmed through blockchain technology. Read more about NFTs here.

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