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Splinterlands Looking for iOS AppStore Approval

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Amidst a variety of gameplay and sales updates, Splinterlands emphasized their intention to have their trading card auto-battler in the iOS AppStore this month. That’s a priority according to the roadmap, together with the release of an early version of their Guild Brawls game mode.

Splinterlands launched an Android app already. Earlier this year they’ve even added some special tutorial features, to make it easier for newcomers to enter the game. In addition new players will soon get access to more non-blockchain cards, giving them a better impression of what the game has to offer. However, that Splinterlands iOS app is still on the wishlist.

Currently there’s a variety of blockchain games with iOS apps, think about League of Kingdoms and Crazy Defense Heroes, which recently made a transition from free-to-play into play-to-earn. However, there’s always a danger that Apple will block an app. They American tech company has a reputation of being a pain in the behind when it comes to blockchain and crypto payments outside their ecosystem.

What’s next for Splinterlands?

This Spring the Splinterlands team will continue tweaking and working on the Guild Brawls. In addition there will be a new rental system for cards. However, the biggest developments will happen surrounding virtual land. They will release a map of Praetoria, while players will be able to claim their land. All this is planned somewhere between April and June 2021.

Splinterlands has more big things planned for later this year. Including the release of the land expansion and with it the introduction of Resources and Spells. On top of that they are thinking about Boss Fights, but there are no details on this yet.

Using Spells

Landowners can use the resources from their land to create and craft exclusive item and spell NFTs. These items will provide boosts to players in battle, adding a new tactical layer to the trading card game.

Once players have selected their summoner and monsters for battle, they get to see each others deck. During that time players get to play these items and spells to boost your own team or debuff the opponent.

What is Splinterlands?

Learn how to play and earn in Splinterlands with our game guide and visit to create your free account.

Splinterlands is a trading card game that started on the Steem blockchain as Steemmonsters. However, over time the project changed names. Now gamers can play the game on desktop and mobile devices, mainly using the Hive blockchain. Thanks to an intelligent functionality, cards and tokens can also be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Splinterlands allows anybody to play and earn cards and other resources. Players need to create a set of cards to defeat their opponent. Cards come in different rarities with seven different stats. In addition these cards have abilities and come from seven factions. The way cards work together is dependent on all these different attributes.

Players earn cards by winning matches. They can combine cards to gain levels. After that you can sell cards on the open marketplace for cryptocurrencies, or lease them to other players. The most rare cards are wanted assets, especially when there are tournaments.

Splinterlands is playable on the web and on Android phone, while an iOS app is in development.

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