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CryptoMotors Collaborates with Animoca Brands

CryptoMotors Abyssus

CryptoMotors is working with Animoca Brands and their REVV ecosystem to bring their virtual cars for the metaverse to a wider audience. In addition the designers of luxury digital cars announced that they will start selling their Generation 1 series next week. The idea is that the NFT cars from CryptoMotors can be used in a variety of virtual environments.

On March 16th CryptoMotors will sell their Virtual Racer Abyssus, while they haven’t revealed the date for the Neon Roadster. Each of these Gen 1 cars will come in different color variations, in separate batches and with a limited number of units.

Most of the cars will sell for ETH. However, some of the Gen 1 vehicles will be sold for REVV. The partnership with Animoca Brands will bring other perks as well.

Owners of the Gen 1 cars can join in a special STAT tournament. Here players can win $8000 in WHALE tokens every month. The NFTs will also be interoperable with a variety of 2D, 3D and VR games and platforms.

Currently the cheapest CryptoMotors vehicle costs 1.99 ETH. At the same time the Sports Coupé is the most expensive one with a price tag of 500 ETH.

Background about the partnership

Animoca Brands is one of the biggest companies in the blockchain space. They launched the REVV token ecosystem, which powers existing and upcoming racing games. F1 Delta Time is already live, while MotoGP Ignition will launch its first phase soon.

On top of that, Animoca will add Formula E and a couple of Atari racing games. Robby Yung from Animoca Brands told us earlier that they’re not done there, as more products will join the REVV ecosystem.

In addition Animoca Brands is the company behind The Sandbox. Don’t be surprised of the vehicles from CryptoMotors end up as NFTs inside the virtual gaming world of The Sandbox. However, that’s mere speculation.

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