9Lives Arena Battles into Play to Earn Game Festival

9lives arena x play to earn game festival

Time to put the blacksmith to work, because 9Lives Arena is entering the Play to Earn Game Festival. This is the arena battle game that features permadeath and offers a companion that helps you while you sleep. Mind boggling right? Thankfully you can learn much more at the Play to Earn Game Festival.

9Lives Arena is a very competitive game where losing a battle can mean losing your warrior, but not your progression. A companion, called Ooogie, crafts your items, while you practice in the arena for an upcoming battle. Visitors of the festival can learn more about the game and join in an awesome giveaway with great NFT prizes!

“We are very excited to be part of the play to earn festival and share news about 9Lives Arena and how we have two very unique NFT use cases. One of them takes players in on the monetization of skins using Blueprints and their personal employee, our ugly-cute Ooogies. We look forward to watching the NFT space grow and seeing our 9LA players manufacture skins as NFTs from inside our game”, said Ralph Laemmche, CEO of Touchhour.

“9Lives Arena is one of many games that will benefit from new blockchain solutions within the Enjin ecosystem. This is an awesome time to start learning about this competitive game, and visitors can do that at the Play to Earn Game Festival”, said Robert Hoogendoorn, founder of Play to Earn.

About Play to Earn Game Festival

play to earn game festival x gala games partnership

The Play to Earn Game Festival: 2nd Edition is powered by Gala Games. The event takes place from March 22nd to March 28th at a virtual location inside Cryptovoxels.

When? Monday March 22nd – Sunday March 28th
Where? Here inside Cryptovoxels
Devices? Browser on desktop, mobile devices and VR headsets
Entrance fee? Nope. Free!
Dress code? Not really, maybe next time 

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