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Enjin Launches Jumpnet Before Efinity

Enjin Jumpnet Efinity announcement

Enjin has announced Jumpnet, a high-speed bridge network that allows users to transfer tokens and ERC-1155 tokens free and instantly. This bridging technology will launch on April 6th, followed by the launch of Efinity later this year. These two solutions are Enjin’s answer to remove the troubles with gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

Jumpnet is a private version of the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to transfer tokens and NFTs instantly without paying gas fees. The network will be build using nodes, and Enjin partnered with different companies to help them establish this.

When it launches next month, users can move ENJ from Ethereum to Jumpnet. Mint and trade ERC-1155 tokens for free, while also sending and receiving ENJ tokens is completely free. Initially the road from Ethereum to Jumpnet is one-way, but it will become a two-way street. Technically Jumpnet is part of a bigger plan, and that bigger plan is Efinity.

What about Efinity?

Efinity is the product that has been in the spotlight the most over the past year, even though we didn’t know much yet. Now Enjin has revealed that their blockchain solution is interoperable with multiple blockchains: both existing and upcoming ones. However, they didn’t reveal any details yet.

With Efinity they want to glue to market, and avoid fragmentation. Efinity is designed to allow any wallet, marketplace, or exchange to adopt multiple blockchains. At the same time users can create and move tokens to multiple chains. Users will be able to move their tokens between Efinity, Jumpnet and Ethereum ‘with the push of a button in their Enjin wallet’.

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