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NFT Mining with War Riders for ChainGuardians Rewards

War Riders ChainGuardians partnership

All owners of premium vehicles in War Riders can soon participate in the ChainGuardians NFT mining game and earn rewards. This will be done without any gas fees and without losing ownership over these vehicles. In addition support for more War Riders assets will come in the future, ChainGuardians announced on their blog.

ChainGuardians is a free-to-play NFT mining platform and a role playing game in one. They want to combine gaming with typical blockchain elements, turning time spent in their game into rewards.

Mining for rewards can be done by using NFTs either from ChainGuardians themselves, or a select number of partners. War Riders is one of them. Both NFTs from ChainGuardians and War Riders can be obtained from the OpenSea marketplace. Players can use their rewards and NFTs to play a turn-based strategy role playing game as well, which also rewards players through play-to-earn mechanics.

ChainGuardians is working hard to set the project up for growth. Earlier this month they announced a successful $1.2 million investment round. In addition they will do an Initial DEX Offering for their upcoming governance token CGG on Polkastarter.

DeFi x Gaming x NFTs

As soon as gaming projects implement blockchain mechanics, there are always elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) in it. In addition NFTs enable players to gain true ownership over their in-game assets. The result is a game world where players actually own digital assets and contribute to a broader virtual economy with real financial impact.

Gala Games is basically creating an entire player-driven virtual economy with their online game Mirandus. Axie Infinity is also very ambitious, and is a frontrunner when it comes to play-to-earn economies. Other projects look to add smaller DeFi and NFTs elements into their games, like for example Gods Unchained and their play-to-earn mechanics. However, this is not a one-way street. There’s also a trend where DeFi projects embrace elements from the NFT and gaming space, take Cometh and Seascape Platform as recent examples.

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