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MotoGP Ignition Coming to Flow

MotoGP Ignition artwork

Animoca Brands has announced that MotoGP Ignition, the next game in the REVV ecosystem, will come to the Flow blockchain. The first content for the competitive management and collectible game will go on sale from March 26th 2021. Gamers can purchase their MotoGP collectibles using credit card payments or the REVV token.

MotoGP Ignition will allow fans to own and trade digital collectibles from their favorite motorbikes and racers on the Flow blockchain. Ultimately the game will offer two modes: a digital collectibles platform and a racing management game. The first one offers collectible digital cards, while the latter adds bikes and riders as NFT collectibles.

Earlier this month Animoca Brands already announced that F1 Delta Time would make a transition from Ethereum to Polygon. As a result the REVV token ecosystem is now spreading out over different blockchain services: Ethereum mainnet, Polygon and Flow.

The REVV ecosystem

F1 Delta Time and MotoGP Ignition are just two of the brands in the REVV ecosystem. This token has been created to support a variety of car racing games. For example, Animoca Brands has already announced a Formula E, while Atari will add Fatal Run and Night Driver to the ecosystem.

Animoca’s Robby Yung told Play to Earn in November last year that this line-up of games isn’t final.  “We will definitely be looking to add more games over time, as we want our REVV token holders to have as much flexibility as possible with what they can do with REVV”, he told us.

At the time of writing REVV token is up 5% with a value of $0.135 per token. In the past 30 days the value of REVV has increased with 94.6%.

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