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Lucid Sight To Embrace Immutable X

Lucid Sight Immutable X

Lucid Sight, the studio behind Crypto Space Commander and MLB Champions, will start using Immutable X to make their projects on Ethereum affordable again. Currently users pay tens of dollars to transfer a digital asset, but Immutable X solves that.

Immutable X is a so-called layer-2 solution on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Where other solutions setup their own validators to confirm transactions, Immutable X uses the Ethereum blockchain.

Existing projects like MLB Champions and Crypto Space Commander, better known as simply CSC, will still work on Ethereum. However, instead of minting and sending NFTs through the Ethereum mainnet, they will use Immutable’s zk-rollup technology to do same… except complete free of charge.

“We can’t wait to see you take your metagames and economies to the next level with more rewards, a slick user experience, 100% Ethereum and no gas”, development studio Immutable writes on Twitter. Earlier we wrote about NFT farming project SuperFarm moving to Immutable X, while War Riders will do the same.

Cry for layer-2 solutions gets louder

Around the blockchain community there are many conversations about solutions to Ethereum’s congestion problems. High gas fees make it impossible to transfer cheaper assets, because paying $50 dollars for a transaction only makes sense when you’re transferring something with a $1000 price tag.

At the moment there are multiple companies that create or have created products that solve the problem. Sky Mavis has created Ronin to make its Axie Infinity game accessible for all kinds of users. In addition there are big things happening at Polygon, formerly known as Matic. Many projects have moved over to Matic, like Neon District, F1 Delta Time, Ember Sword and MegaCryptoPolis. In addition several gamified DeFi projects also moved over, like for example Cometh and Aavegotchi.

However, Immutable has one benefit to these projects. Projects to tap into Immutable X don’t need to move away from Ethereum. They created their layer-2 solution completely different, allowing projects to remain on Ethereum. Other layer-2 solutions use validators, which are often run by companies and foundations. In the end it’s a different way to solve the same problem.

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