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Digital Fashion Meta Jacket at Digitalax & SuperRare

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Digital fashion studio Artifact launched their vision of the future of fashion today on SuperRare and Digitalax with their Meta Jacket. This fashion NFT can be worn inside virtual worlds, in this case Decentraland. In addition it can become a digital layer on top of your actual clothing through augmented reality applications.

Currently the auction on Digitalax is already live. In the coming week they will accept bids for four versions by different artists. On SuperRare there’s another version, the original one. This digital jacket will come with a version you can wear inside Decentraland.

NFT fashion making moves

Digital fashion is making upward moves within the blockchain space. Adidas and Karlie Kloss recently embraced digital fashion, bringing big names into this very new space. Even Atari joined in this early hype. However, companies like Digitalax and The Fabricant are working on creating a standard and setting a bar for digital fashion.

Being early in this space doesn’t mean that these NFTs will come cheap. For instance, in December Digitalax already auctioned several creations, with prices peaking at $2700 per dress. Even though digital fashion is currently in its early days, they are working hard to establish open standards for the use of patterns and textures. As a result digital fashion becomes an open economy for many creators in which everybody gets their share.

Digital fashion more relevant

At the moment digital fashion is a small business, but many people are working on it. As society is moving more into virtual environments, the need for digital representation is growing. Therefore having an avatar that looks good, could potentially be very important in the future. As a result digital fashion plays a crucial role here.

In blockchain-powered worlds like for example Somnium Space, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels the concept of wearables and digital fashion is growing in popularity. Even the iconic fashion brand Gucci is keeping an eye on the developments in this space. In addition Cryptovoxels recently announced their move to Polygon, allowing cheaper creation of wearables. In November games publisher Bandai Namco invested in avatar company Genies, underlining the potential for the personalization of digital identities.

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