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Robonomica Collectible Game Coming to Wax

robonomica wax NFT collectibles game

Robonomica is the latest collectible game on the Wax blockchain that’s all about space exploration. The game combines elements from NFT collecting with land ownership, resources and ultimately PVP and PVE gameplay. However, the game is still very early in production. The developers expect a closed alpha version of Robonomica in 2022.

Even though a final product is still very far away, the developers will sell collectible NFT cards featuring all kinds of cute robots. The idea is to fund the development that way, while players ‘prepare’ for the actual game to launch in its early form next year. The sale of these NFTs will start in March.

Players will need to create teams, and therefore require multiple robot NFTs to play. The number of cards needed, depends on the planet they want to explore. For example, Crypton is a planet that looks a bit like earth. It will be easy to get resources here. However, Callisto looks like a volcano planet. The developers promise high risk, but high profits, on this particular planet.

Gaming on Wax moving upwards

Over the past months we’ve seen increased activity of gaming projects on the Wax blockchain. Take a look at for example Alien Worlds, R-Planet and KOGs with their upcoming mobile game. Wax calls itself the king of NFTs, and each of these games taps strongly into the NFT ecosystem. Games on the Wax blockchain strongly rely on collecting, no matter how this is packaged gameplay wise.

Wax co-founder William Quigley expressed his desire to add more aspects from decentralized finance to his blockchain back in October last year. A new tokenomics model now allows WAXP holders to swap their tokens for WAXE and use that to earn WAXG, a governance token. All this DeFi dynamics happen on Ethereum.

However, Wax still positions itself strongly as a blockchain for digital collectibles. Think about for example Garbage Pail Kids, AtariStreet Fighter, and Bratz as some of the brands with digital collectibles in the Wax ecosystem.

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