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Cryptovoxels Makes Digital Fashion Affordable Again

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Cryptovoxels has announced that it will incorporate the Matic blockchain into its virtual world, allowing digital fashion or wearables to be affordable again. In addition everybody will be able to create and mint digital clothes for avatars, which can exist both on Matic and the Ethereum blockchain.

Wearables are often seen as the best way for users to personalize their appearance inside Cryptovoxels. Before the gas fees were outrageous, users could submit their minting requests to the developers. However, that process has been put on hold for quite some time.

By moving wearables to Matic, it’s becoming cheaper again to create and sell digital fashion. In addition Cryptovoxels will loosen up their control on the wearables market, letting the free market do its thing.

Most likely we will see an influx of designers, as well as free giveaways within the virtual world. However, Cryptovoxels didn’t provide a release date for the features. Instead they said it’s a ‘technology announcement’.

What is digital fashion?

In September last year it became clear that Gucci is one of the major brands betting on digital fashion. They see digital fashion as an expansion of their business and have been creating digital versions of their physical designs for a couple of years now. At the same time there’s an increasing demand from consumers to express themselves through personal profiles and also avatars. Just think about the way we use Instagram now, and the social status that comes with it. A similar trend will happen in virtual reality.

The idea of identity and personalization will become very important for citizens of the metaverse. Companies like Digitalax are working on standardizing digital fashion, but Cryptovoxels is not tapping into that. Cryptovoxels will just allow users to express themselves with fairy wings, pirate hats and other voxelated creations.

Why go from Ethereum to Matic?

Almost on a daily basis we announce projects making a switch. The Ethereum blockchain can approve 25 transactions per second, when it’s busy to ones paying the most will be confirmed first. As a result users are now paying ten dollars for something that used to be 20 cents.

The Matic Network can take care of 65 thousand transactions per second. And in addition these transactions only cost a fraction of a cent. Confirmation of a transactions happens in mere seconds, and Matic Network is already supported by some of the most popular wallets, including Metamask and Arkane.

Remember when we wrote about Neon District minting 100 thousand NFTs on Matic? It cost them a few dollars. On the Ethereum blockchain that would probably cost closer to a million dollars right now. And yes, that’s a rough conservative estimate.

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