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Most Expensive Hashmasks Artwork $640.000

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One week after Hashmasks launched, and less than a week since they sold out, the most expensive trade had a value of 420 ETH or more than 640 thousand dollars at the time of the auction. The 16 thousand collectible artworks have been at the center of all trading activity on OpenSea, being responsible more than half of the total trading volume on the marketplace.

The acquired Hashmasks artwork is called ‘sex’, features a couple of mystical parts and is now owned by a collector called DANNY. This is the same Danny who bought punk 2924 for 150 ETH in November last year. They also own a Hashmask called God of War, which DANNY acquired for 300 ETH, and a whole bunch of other punks.

Some other expensive Hashmasks have also had notable transactions. There have been sales for 300 ETH ($494.000), 100 ETH ($164.000) and some sold between 50 and 90 ETH. Collectors who now want to step into the Hashmasks game, will need to pay at least 0.88ETH or 1449 dollars. The total trading volume from the past 7 days is more than 8119 ETH, or 13.5 million dollars.

The true value of Hashmasks is still to be determined. Each of these 16 thousand collectibles had five traits that determine the way they look. Think about for example the background, the skin, eyes, the mask they wear and the item they hold. However, the community is discovering many unlisted attributes that could potentially determine the true rarity and value of an artwork.

EDIT: recalculation of ETH value at time of auction. Price changed.

What’s valuable in Hashmasks?

Hashmasks is a project that offers a collection of 16.384 artworks, which sold out in a matter of days. The true distribution of attributes will be revealed when the initial sale period ends in two weeks. However, the creators have provided a couple of characteristics that influence value. For example, men are much more common than robots. In addition some characters are holding an item, while others wear a mask. The Hashmasks collectibles also have different eye and skin colors, but on top of that there are hidden treats.

When we’re talking about masks, there are 14 different types of masks and the animal mask is worn by 12.5 percent of all collectibles. The pixel mask is only worn by 5.9 percent, while there are only 13 unicorn masks. There are much more varieties, including backgrounds, shirts, hairstyles and colors. The creators emphasize that the most important aspect of rarity, is the fact that owners can change the name.

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