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Chainmonsters Closed Alpha Launch Getting Close

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Bside Games is getting close to releasing a closed alpha version of their monster catching MMO Chainmonsters on the Flow blockchain. In their latest development update company boss Max Weber stated that the pre-order store will launch this week, Flow mainnet launch is imminent and the closed alpha of Chainmonsters is on the horizon.

They’ve been minting the first NFTs onto the Flow blockchain, and therefore Chainmonsters backers have already received their first items. These NFTs will for example give players access to the closed alpha. However, from a technical perspective the game is still undergoing lots of changes.

Bside Games is using new server technology, and the onboarding process has moved to a Playfab backend. Playfab is also used in games like Rainbox Six Siege, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Roblox, Forza Horizon 4, Wasteland 3 and so on.

Once Bside Games has launched their development server inside the Unity cloud system, they will invite closed alpha testers into the game. This is likely to happen in February. Chainmonsters will work on Steam, iOS and Android.

Marketplace & first NFTs launched

At the Viv3 marketplace players can buy or sell their Chainmonsters NFTs. This newly launched market for the Flow blockchain currently only offers some artworks, that sold out pretty fast. However, NBA Top Shots and Cryptokitties will be added soon. In addition – of course – Chainmonsters NFTs are already available.

Users are already offering their NFTs up for sale. Alpha Access to the game will cost you approximately 150 dollars. A founder token costs a couple of thousand dollars, while the Crystal Starter Chainmon – of which there are only 600 available – are currently offered for more than 10 thousand dollars each. A bit speculative, if you ask me.

What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a massively multiplayer online role playing game inspired by classic games like The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. However, players will be competing against each other. Every player is an agent working for a corporation. There’s a mysterious disease that makes all creatures more aggressive, and there’s a weird crystal in the world. Guess who needs to find out? But can players trust the corporation? Who knows.

Directly on launch, the game will introduce a season pass with timed events and event exclusive content. The game is running on the Flow blockchain, which allows easy on-boarding for users not familiar with blockchain technology.

Players won’t even notice there’s blockchain technology involved. However, once they dive deeper into the game they will be able to claim their wallet and everything they’ve collected. Gamers can keep, sell or trade all their items on an open peer-to-peer marketplace, like for example Viv3.

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