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Fashion App MetaverseMe Launching Next Month

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Avatar fashion application MetaverseMe will launch on February 23rd for mobile devices. The app allows users to generate a digital lookalike from a selfie, dress it up with fashion NFTs and then record that avatar through augmented reality. MetaverseMe will be available on both Android and iOS.

MetaverseMe has been created by eBallR Games. Their app puts focus on giving users a digital representation of themselves, and allowing that avatar to wear all kinds of clothing. One of the first efforts into digital fashion here comes from Atari and The Fabricant.

The Fabricant is a fashion house that already creates digital-only clothing. They have worked with mainstream brands like Puma, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. In May 2019 they created Iridescence, a ‘blockchain dress’ which sold for 9500 dollars. Their Atari clothes are already available through open marketplaces, like for example Opensea.

Recently The Fabricant revealed to be working together with Adidas and supermodel Karlie Kloss on digital fashion NFTs. They are enabling their designer community to create digital fashion.

Digital fashion a growing trend

In September this year it became clear that Gucci is one of the major brands betting on digital fashion. They see digital fashion as an expansion of their business and have been creating digital versions of their physical designs for a couple of years now. At the same time there’s an increasing demand from consumers to express themselves through personal profiles and also avatars.

Virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space allow for a variety of user customization features. Cryptovoxels recently relaunched their creation feature, while Somnium Space now allows content creator to mint and sell their own works. In the first month total sales surpassed 20 thousand dollars in value.

The tech and gaming industry isn’t sitting still either. Bandai Namco invested three million dollars in Genies, a company that’s all about avatars. In addition we’ve seen the launch of Digitalax, a platform for the sale of digital fashion outfits. The first nineteen outfits sold for more than 18 thousand dollars. It’s not a surprise that Animoca Brands signed a contract for the license of a franchise like Bratz.

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