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League of Kingdoms to Revamp Land Mechanics

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League of Kingdoms has announced changes to the way land works in the ecosystem of the online multiplayer strategy game. The second phase for land introduces changes to its development mechanics. By the end of January landowners will earn more development points for resources obtained from their lands.

Land will acquire 1 development point for each five crystals consumed by kingdoms within its borders. In addition resources and crystals acquired from the land, will also increase the development level. The developers decreased the amount of required resources per development point from 100 thousand to 50 thousand resources.

This means that landowners will earn twice the amount of development points for resources obtained from their land. In addition League of Kingdoms will introduce a new type of NFT. The so-called Totem NFT is an artifact that carries magical powers and stats, which will get a full reveal in the coming months.

After the introduction of Totems, League of Kingdoms will add more depth to its land gameplay. There will be rules for specific zones, and more assets that influence specific lands. First the current land sale needs to finish.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer online strategy game for Android, iOS and PC. Players need to work together by making their alliance more powerful. Each players rules their own kingdom. In addition players are free to buy virtual land and generate passive income by developing that land.

The strategy game also has a play-to-earn mechanic. Gamers can gather resources, mint them to the blockchain and sell them for money. It’s a simple mechanic, available to every player without investing any money. However, in order to mint players do need to pay for the gas fee.

In the world of League of Kingdoms players need to gather resources and fight their opponents. There are special events that incentivizes conflict. For example, everybody wants to own a Shrine, which can be conquered during special events. The result is a war in which everybody is battling. Soldiers will perish, and players will need to acquire resources to improve or repair their army.

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