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Space Epos Infinite Fleet Sells Security Tokens

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Games publisher Exordium is now selling security tokens for their upcoming online space game Infinite Fleet. They will raise a maximum of 1 million dollars through this public token sale, which is hosted on STOKR. However, the sale is only open to citizens of a select number of European countries.

Investors who want to acquire some tokens, will need to pay at least one hundred dollars. They will receive tokens at a price of $0.50, and they can pay for these tokens using euro, bitcoin, USDT or Liquid Bitcoin.

Token-owners will share 20 percent of the profit after the game has successfully launched. It’s important to note that they share profit, not revenue.

In a private sale Exordium and game studio Pixelmatic already acquired 2.5 million dollars in funding from 11 investors. Among those investors are familiar faces from the crypto space, including Litecoin-founder Charlie Lee, Blockstream CEO Adam Back and bitcoin guru Max Keiser.

Infinite Fleet running on Bitcoin blockchain

Infinite Fleet is a space MMO running on blockchain technology. In this particular case the project uses the layer-2 solution Liquid on the Bitcoin blockchain. This solution allows Pixelmatic to create a cryptocurrency especially for all in-game transactions, while the Liquid solution also stores ownership over in-game assets.

There will only be a limited amount of INF on the market. Players will be able to earn INF by for example doing missions. The developers call this Proof-of-Participation. Of course players could also acquire the cryptocurrency once other players start trading it on an exchange.

What is Infinite Fleet?

In Infinite Fleet the player is a commander within the United Sol Federation Combined Fleet, because of this role players need to defeat an alien threat. Behind every choice are deeper choices, which allow for a narrative driven by the players. As a result the game allows players to build and customize their fleet, secure territories, and move into space. You can play the game alone, but according to the developers co-op gameplay is the best.

Pixelmatic is making Infinite Fleet, as they announced in April. Developers from the studio have experience in the strategy genre. They’ve worked on titles like Age of Empires 4, Dawn of War and Homeworld. Samson Mow is heading the studio, as well as blockchain company Blockstream. Not entirely surprising, considering Blockstream is also the company behind the Liquid Network, which they used for the deployment of the INF currency. More details can be found on their website.

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