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Reality Gaming Also Steps into Liquidity Mining

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British gaming company Reality Games has launched a liquidity mining pool for its RCC token on Uniswap. Aside from the standard fees, liquidity providers can earn a share of 100 thousand RCC per month as well as exclusive digital assets from games like Reality Clash, Smighties Universe, Emojibles and Doctor Who: Worlds Apart.

The RCC-ETH pair currently has a total liquidity of 2489 dollars. One RCC is currently worth approximately $0.007. Reality Gaming uses the token for their mobile game Reality Clash. Players need the token to acquire limited edition weapons for the mixed reality shooter.

Reality Clash is their biggest game so far. But the game studio is also working on a trading card game based on the Doctor Who television series from the BBC. Currently players can acquire cards, while actual gameplay is expected later this year.

Liquidity mining a new trend?

Decentralized finance already has quite some overlap with gaming, but when we’re talking about blockchain games it also works the other way around. Games that use a blockchain-powered economy will need to tap into systems like staking and liquidity pools. It’s a way to lock away tokens, while sharing rewards with those who participate.

Gaming companies could provide liquidity providers with extra tokens. We see this for example with The Sandbox, where they earn SAND for holding tokens in the SAND-ETH pool. In addition it’s also a way to reward players with unique digital assets. Those who add REVV and SAND to the pool on Uniswap, can for example earn limited edition characters and cars that they can use inside The Sandbox.

This doesn’t only happen on Ethereum, but also on WAX. R-planet allows collectors to earn a new currency by staking their digital assets from a select number of projects.

This just highlights that gaming and financial layers are merging. Decentralized finance is becoming more like a game, Aavegotchi and Doki Doki Finance anyone? At the same time gaming is becoming more like DeFi.

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