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Pizza Boxes for Neon District Public Launch

neon district pizza boxes

To celebrate the public launch of their turn-based cyberpunk role playing game Neon District, Blockade Games is offering fifty commemorative bundles packed like pizza boxes. These NFTs cost 0.5 ETH, which is approximately 500 dollars, and come both with physical and digital swag, including assets that can be used in Neon District.

On January 19th Blockade Games will launch the first public campaign for their role playing game. They named the campaign Neon Pizza Party. Players need to send pizza delivery team out there to earn more NEON, Juice and loot parts, while other players can ambush these deliveries.

The Neon Pizza Box NFT offer two armor sets for in the game, an actual tshirt, LED face mask, a beanie, and more stuff, all packaged in a Neon Pizza pizza box. Players who have the Neon Pizza NFT in their wallet while playing the game, will automatically receive bonus NEON during the Neon Pizza missions.

At the moment of writing 15 pizza boxes out of 50 have been bought already. The ten pizza boxes with the lowest minting numbers are being auctioned, so they will potentially sell for more than 0.5 ETH each.

What is Neon District?

Neon District is a cyberpunk-themed turn based role playing game. The story-driven game takes place in a dystopian future. Player are part of a rebellion fighting an authoritarian regime. Players get to level up their characters by doing missions, while they have a chance of obtaining better gear as well.

A closed test version came available for founders token holders in December. During Spring 2021 Neon District will introduce its campaigns and missions. This traditional singleplayer experience was the original vision for the game. Completing missions will earn players NEON as well.

Thanks to the integration with the Matic Network, these game assets can be traded freely on an in-game marketplace. That way gamers don’t have to deal with gas fees while playing Neon District. Players can acquire gear through gameplay. They also need these digital items to progress in the game.

Blockade Games has decided to abandon the development of Neon District for Steam. Or, as they put it, they have put the development ‘on hold’. Instead Neon District will be a web-only experience, and everything will work on both desktop and mobile devices. In the future they also want to make the game available through a standalone app for mobile devices.

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